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Experience the Magic. Live the Dream.


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Welcome, Prospect Families!

From 2018 TASS Campers
To 2019 Prospect Campers

At the end of each camp, campers are given an option to leave a message to prospect campers.

This is what the 2018 TASS students would like to say to you:

This is a family. A nerdy, inclusive, and hilarious family. - 2018 Student

This place becomes home fast. It really is an incredible experience. - 2018 Student

This camp is home to the unique, the different, and the strange. We all accept everyone for who they are no matter what. - 2018 Student

You will love it here. I'm sure you can find your place here. The food is amazing. - 2018 Student

Be prepared to have the best week of your life and count down the days until next year. - 2018 Student

It's kind of like Hogwarts but with different houses and better lore. - 2018 Student

It's awesome in the sense of community of friendship is real. - 2018 Student

There is no camp more inclusive, immersive, and with as good as food as this one. dude! You need to go. - 2018 Student

Everyone is so accepting, ridiculous, and shady in-game characters among the staff. However, they will do anything for you, and you will make it a family. - 2018 Student

You will get a family away from your own. - 2018 Student

We would love for you to come. - 2018 Student

You should definitely come. You will love it!!!! - 2018 Student

All people are welcome. - 2018 Student

It will change your life. - 2018 Student

You will love it!!! - 2018 Student

It's like having a second family. - 2018 Student

The people become your family and Academy becomes your home. - 2018 Student

You will get a new home and family and never want to leave. - 2018 Student

You will discover that it takes no time at all to make lifelong siblings - the good kind. - 2018 Student

Harry Potterish meets D&D with a healthy dose of screaming. - 2018 Student

You will be welcome no matter what your background. You will be loved. You're going to have a great time. Don't worry about your house, they will be like your family. - 2018 Student

It is absolutely amazing and you will feel right at home. - 2018 Student

I have found a family and acceptance for three otherwise sucky years. - 2018 Student

It's weird in a good way. Everyone super cool as well and the food is amazing. - 2018 Student

It's amazing and that everyone's really nice. And we all can relate to each other because we are just one big family. - 2018 Student

People are very accepting and 99% will become your good friends. There are unlimited possibility so try out everything and pursue whatever you love with the people that you love. - 2018 Student

You will have a great experience. We'll meet a lot of nice new people and there's never-ending fun. This camp is the best place to be exactly who you are. - 2018 Student

I was homesick the first day and then this place became my home. - 2018 Student

Come. Everyone is so kind and you will have so much fun. - 2018 Student

You are going to love it here. Give it a chance. - 2018 Student

Go for it. You will love it!. - 2018 Student

They jam-packed so much fun that you don't have time to be home sick! You can make friends everywhere you go. - 2018 Student

It's like a real magical camp. There's a magic of the story that is being told and then there is some magic that changes you for the rest of your life. Oh, the food rules! - 2018 Student

Know that the staff come here as volunteers! They dismiss opportunities and they are just amazing people. They do this because they love us all. They're going to love you too. (Please be nice to them. They are our family.) - 2018 Student

You're going to have lots of fun. I enjoyed it a lot. - 2018 Student

There will be bugs. We are outdoors. if you're scared of bugs, the staff will help you. - 2018 Student

Camp is my home. Nowhere else can I be myself. Nowhere else I can be accepted for being myself. - 2018 Student

Everyone will accept you no matter where you come from or what you were like. - 2018 Student

Actions have consequences. don't be scared to act. - 2018 Student

If you're not having a good time, you're at a different camp! This camp is awesome and you will love it. - 2018 Student

Please come, you will have the best time. Tis camp offers many different and fun activities as well as amazing staff. - 2018 Student

If you like Harry Potter, dungeon & dragons, and memes, you will fit in just fine. - 2018 Student

It's so much fun and you'll find a second family. - 2018 Student

You will find a second family. - 2018 Student

Being tired at the end of the week is well worth it. - 2018 Student

Become friends with your dice. You'll need them. - 2018 Student

It's super fun and I love it. - 2018 Student

It's an amazing inclusive and such a good place to forget about the real world for a week and just live in a world of magic. - 2018 Student

The beds are comfortable. - 2018 Student

It will change your life. - 2018 Student

You will fit in wherever you go. - 2018 Student

You definitely should come. You will make friends and have lots of fun. - 2018 Student

This camp is really fun and creative in all the different ways. - 2018 Student

If you like mysteries then this camp for you. - 2018 Student

Don't hesitate. Just go. - 2018 Student

If you come to camp, you will leave the grounds with a new family behind you. - 2018 Student

Trefoil is a family. Even the most shy students will find a group of friends that they will love and keep in contact with. - 2018 Student

Camp is such a warm and accepting place or anyone can find a home. - 2018 Student

if you're not sure, go for it! Trefoil is an amazing, inclusive, and a fun place to spend a week of your summer. - 2018 Student

You will truly find a family here. - 2018 Student

You will be accepted, you will be loved, you will find your family. - 2018 Student

Please come! You'll be accepted no matter what. - 2018 Student

There's something special about this camp you'll love. - 2018 Student

No matter how far you fall, the people here will catch you and help you rise again. - 2018 Student

You can show who you truly are. - 2018 Student

It's most worthwhile experience, you will not regret it. - 2018 Student

Come to camp. In line do it, you're going to gain a family that you will love forever. - 2018 Student

It's really fun and you can be included in everything. - 2018 Student

The classes are great, the mysteries are great, the people are great. - 2018 Student

Everyone is really accepting and friendly. - 2018 Student

The first day I wasn't sure about this campm but by the end of the week this was my home and family. I cried all of the last day. - 2018 Student

It's an experience to share with everyone. In line it's a lot of fun. - 2018 Student

Please come. You will leave with a lot of new family members. - 2018 Student

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